Youth Development Workshops

By Derek Zboran

Derek Zboran, a multifaceted author and communicator, recently showcased his ability to engage and inspire young minds through two distinct workshops tailored for middle school and high school students.

His engagements with Rolla Middle School and Zenith Robotics team in Rolla, Missouri, have not only highlighted his adaptability in presenting information to varied audiences but have also underscored his commitment to fostering creativity and effective communication skills in educational environments.

At Rolla Middle School, Derek Zboran was invited to Mrs. Young’s class, where he introduced his book “Missing Library Book” to an eager group of students. Through this interaction, he didn’t just share his literary work; he facilitated a writing workshop that delved into the book’s core themes such as overcoming perfectionism, unleashing the imagination, and embracing one’s best efforts without fear. This visit, as noted in the school’s press release, wasn’t merely a reading session—it was an opportunity for students to engage directly with an author who is passionate about empowering young writers to find their voice and confidence in their creative endeavors.

Similarly, Derek Zboran’s involvement with the Zenith Robotics team showcased another facet of his expertise—podcasting. He guided the robotics team through the essentials of starting a podcast, emphasizing structure, content creation, and the importance of building genuine connections. This session was not just about the technicalities of podcasting; it was an inspiring discussion and consideration of how digital platforms can be leveraged to foster community and exchange real value with audiences. Derek’s guidance illuminated the path for these young enthusiasts to embark on their podcasting adventure, demonstrating the simplicity and affordability of initiating impactful digital projects.

What sets Derek Zboran apart is his skillful adaptation of content to resonate with various age groups, old and young alike. He has a unique talent for breaking down complex ideas into relatable and engaging lessons. His workshops are more than educational—they are transformative experiences that encourage students to explore and practice their interests so that they can communicate their ideas with confidence.

Moreover, Derek Zboran’s approach to these workshops underscores the significance of storytelling and communication in leadership and healthy communities. By focusing on themes like creative expression, confidence, and fostering genuine connections, he teaches young people that their voices matter and that they can make a difference based on how they communicate with themselves and others.