Why do creative people struggle to practice what they love?

By Derek Zboran

You’re a human being. Not a human doing.

And for this reason doing the practice is hard.

To make it easy, the practice must be an extension of your being.

This is where things get tricky.

Recently Steven Pressfield wrote on his blog about establishing a practice. His definition explores six characteristics of establishing a practice:

  1. A practice is enacted as a ritual.
  2. A practice is engaged in every day.
  3. A practice is lifelong.
  4. A practice is pursued for its own sake, not for any societal or financial gain.
  5. A practice is a spiritual pursuit embodied in a physical or psychic endeavor.
  6. A practice often involves a teacher or mentor.

Here’s what I want to focus on…

Steven Pressfield’s characteristics of a healthy practice illustrate why DISTRACTION is a big challenge.

In our distracted world, it is difficult to honor and grow in a ritual of creative work.

In our distracted schedules, it is difficult to make time for creative ambitions.

In our distracted lives, it is difficult to make room for creative projects.

In our distracted society, it is difficult to prioritize a creative practice of making stuff and sharing ideas from a place of love — rather than solely for money or prestige.

In a world of shady charlatans and self-righteous stooges, we’re distracted from effective ways to integrate our spiritual pursuit into our creative work and ever-maturing identity.

When we are starting to learn something new, we can be distracted from applying the insight of a mentor who can help us make external and internal transformations that make our creative practice an ever-expanding part of our identity.

Distraction. It works with fear to bring about creative apocalypse.

It is of great irony that as access to so many tools and opportunities expand for creative people, many of us are becoming less and less capable of focusing on the priorities that will help us flourish creatively.

What is one thing you can do to be less distracted this week?