Stress-Free Student

By Derek Zboran


In an educational landscape increasingly fraught with stress and burnout, Stress-Free Student is a quick, easy, and helpful guide for anybody feeling the pressures of higher education. Upon its launch, the book quickly clinched the #1 new release spot in Amazon’s Distance & Online Learning category, marking a significant achievement for its author and promising invaluable insights for its readers.

The journey to creating Stress-Free Student began seven years ago when the author embarked on his college education at Columbia College. Graduating with a BA during the tumultuous year of 2020, and later gaining an MA in communication in 2023, Derek learned “the doing” part of college and earned a nearly perfect GPA through quality work and persistence with his studies.

Through these years of academic and personal growth, the author developed a seven-step system aimed at enhancing productivity for college students. He calls it the FREEDOM method and it serves as the bedrock of his book.

Stress-Free Student addresses a critical issue faced by many in the academic world: the relentless juggle of classes, extracurricular activities, and life responsibilities, often leading to overwhelming stress and burnout. The author’s personal experience as a full-time college student struggling with time management laid the foundation for a transformative realization – that taking control of one’s time can lead to studying less, scoring higher, and avoiding burnout altogether.

The book introduces readers to the FREEDOM method, a unique blend of productivity hacks, mindfulness techniques, and cutting-edge research designed to optimize time and foster super productivity. Drawing inspiration from business productivity experts like Ivy Lee and Francesco Cirillo, as well as incorporating contemporary research on “implementation-intentions” and foundational research on stress by renowned psychologists like Dr. Richard Lazarus, Dr. Susan Folkman, and Dr. Ralf Schwarzer, Stress-Free Student offers handy tools to achieve academic success and even personal well-being.

At its core, Stress-Free Student is more than just a guide to academic excellence. It’s a lifeline for students drowning in the pressures of college life. By teaching readers how to manage their time effectively, the book empowers them to achieve not only academic freedom but also a balanced and fulfilling life outside of their studies.

As Stress-Free Student continues to gain traction and transform the lives of students across the globe, its success is a testament to the power of practical, research-backed strategies in combatting the epidemic of student stress. It stands as a crucial resource for anyone seeking to navigate the challenges of college with grace, efficiency, and, most importantly, stress-free.

For more information about Stress-Free Student and to begin your journey towards a more productive and fulfilling college experience, visit his website for college students.