Rolla Showcase for the Visual and Performing Arts (2022-2023)

By Derek Zboran

The Rolla Showcase for Visual and Performing Arts, a platform originally conceived to spotlight the vibrant tapestry of visual and performing artists in Missouri, proudly completed two monumental shows in 2023 with the help of event planner and coordinator, Derek Zboran.

The first two events not only showcased the diverse talents within the state, but fostered a sense of community and connection among artists and audiences alike.

RSVP successfully recruited — and assisted the performances of — over twenty artists.

The showcases featured an eclectic mix of creatives, including rappers, poets, fiber artists, painters, rock musicians, and even a role-playing game professional. All of these creatives united under community-oriented themes that championed connection, curiosity, and confidence.

At the debut show, Derek Zboran delivered a compelling presentation titled Creating Connections Around Your Creative Life, which captivated an audience of over fifty attendees.

His message underscored the importance of building meaningful relationships within the creative community and beyond. Curiosity is the key to healthy connection, and he revealed a simple way to begin building connections through curiosity.

Navigating the complexities of showcasing a wide array of artists, including those whose work may be considered controversial, Derek and his fellow teammates approached challenges with professionalism and ethical consideration. Their commitment to inclusivity and adherence to the mission statement and organizational values of RSVP ensured that the events remained respectful, engaging, and thought-provoking spaces for all participants.

Derek’s initiative was instrumental in the success of these showcases. It was an honor to support and elevate local Midwestern artists through the debut RSVP shows.

Derek Zboran wishes to express gratitude to show director Victoria Hagni, graphic designer AJ Young, sound assistant Brody Fulk, fellow event planner-coordinators Dominique Canon and Emily D’Aria, as well as emcee Jossalyn Gale for being such wonderful leaders, teammates, and creative colleagues during the January 28th and May 6th events.