7 self-care tips for a time of change

By Derek Zboran

Life is a tapestry of change. Career shifts, new family dynamics, or even societal developments can become a source of inspiration — or leave you at a loss for words!

Your creative work still matters. Even in times of change!

Here are seven self-care tips that have helped — and continue to help — in times of personal, professional, and societal changes.

Anchor Yourself with Routine Writing Time

When every other part of life seems to be shifting, creating a dependable routine around writing can be comforting and ensure you stay involved with your projects.

Set aside specific times each day. Even if it is just 15-25 minutes. Focus on writing during that time and throw out all the usual distractions.

Whether at dawn or dusk, find a time that you can truly prioritize.

Guard that time fiercely.

Consistency can ground you and help you build momentum in your creative projects.

Get Outside

Nature has a miraculous way of easing the mind and inspiring the soul. Take breaks from your writing and spend time outdoors.

Take a walk, breath fresh air, and listen to the birds.

Allow yourself to be present. Unplug those headphones. Leave your phone at home.

Just let yourself soak in your surroundings.

These breaks will rejuvenate your mind, recharge your creativity, and provide a different perspective on your writing and your life.

Explore a New Writing Genre

Change is an opportunity for exploration.

What better way to expand your horizons than to explore a new writing genre?

Dabble in fiction if you’re primarily a non-fiction writer. Or experiment with poetry if you’re used to writing prose. This can be liberating and allow you to express your creativity in diverse ways.

Right now one of my top writing priorities is my novel Rootless.

Fiction is not my normal or primary writing genre.

But stretching myself is helping me get more value from my Writer’s Life. A time of change is a great time to explore familiar ideas in new ways or with different applications.

Trying something new helps you experience the joy of discovery.

Connect with Fellow Writers

Few can understand your writer’s struggles and triumphs better than your peers!

Seek out writing groups or communities. Find ones where you can share your experiences, seek advice, and give support to others.

Camaraderie can help you feel less alone during times of change. It will also provide a source of inspiration from the success stories of others.

Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

Mindfulness can be a life raft in the sea of change. Techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and self-hypnosis can help you stay calm and focused.

Regular sessions of mindfulness will also sharpen your attention, improve your writing concentration, and attune you to the subtle nuances of your inner world.

Your internal landscape is a goldmine. Do not neglect it.

Read for Pleasure and Education

Nothing refuels a writer’s soul like reading. Make time to indulge in books for both pleasure and education.

Reading helps you relax and enjoy the beauty of language.

It can also educate, inspire, and nurture your voice.

Many of my friends are doing a 100 books in 2024 challenge.

I love following their reading adventures, and it inspires me to keep up with my own goal to read more this year.

Celebrate Your Progress, No Matter How Small

Remember to celebrate every milestone. Get very good at recognizing wins.

Completing a paragraph, creating a new character, or even just sitting down to write Morning Pages amidst the chaos of life are wins worth acknowledging.

Give yourself credit for your effort and treat yourself kindly.

Final Thoughts…

Change can be exhausting. Be sure to engage in self-care along the way. Your ability to care for yourself will directly impact your writing.

Writers are resilient creatures who can find the beauty of adaptation within change.

By anchoring a writing routine into your schedule, exploring new paths, connecting with the outdoors and community, and giving yourself space for deep reflection, you can transform periods of upheaval into chapters of creative growth.

Wishing you the best as you navigate the waters of your own change.

I’ve got this.

And so do you!